Monday, April 27, 2009

Harvey reports on the work party: great job, all!

--New wall around the bed across from the shed door. It's quite impressive... great credit to Jay and Amber. Other big accomplishments:

-- The renovation of the beds around the shed itself, led by Jeff and Jennifer, two of our new gardeners. One bed was shrunk to allow for more mobility outside the shed door, and the beds on both sides of the bench were cleaned out and re-bordered, ready to plant. Marty and Jeff did a ton of digging and cleaning of those beds.

-- Jay and Amber's creation of pedestals for the rain barrels under the grape arbor. Now it's easy to get a watering bucket under the spigots. We will "brew" compost tea in both of these barrels as the weather warms, creating some great juice to use for easing the shock of transplanting, and just general nutrient-rich watering.

-- The weeding and fencing of our raspberry patch. Jeff Moore did all of this, and Shelley deserves a medal for doing all the weeding as he was pounding in the posts with a ringing heard all around the block.

-- The cleaning out of the Entry bed, which has been a mess for a while. Katrin and Jen did a great job.

-- Cristi's compost mulching of the Perennial bed, which includes the northern apple tree in our twin apple trees guarding the sidewalk path.

-- Luella's planting of daffodils and grape hyacinths to fill in our swatch of spring color above the irises along the sidewalk path. I think that we got 100-125 new bulbs in the ground for next Spring.

-- The cleaning out of the margins along the alley. Great work by Meir and Margo.

-- Digging out grasses and dandelion before they seeded in the upper garden, now called the Garden of Love. This is not technically a part of the P Patch, but we are helping Kim get it into shape and will plant a lot of squash for the Food Bank up there this summer. Matt, Corrie and Shelley did a lot of backbreaking work up there, and it shows.

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