Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raven and Chelsea stop by for a look.

One of my favorite things about community gardens is the chance meetings. Chelsea and Raven were wandering through the P-Patch on their way home and stopped to chat. Chelsea and I covered how to get a plot in the garden and what to plant. Raven was a veritable waterfall of conversation about the taste of sorrel, whether there was rhubarb in the garden, how much she liked rhubarb, that she even ate it raw, and that she was at least intrigued by the notion of my rhubarb compote shortcake. She claimed to be a stranger to its more familiar cousin, strawberry shortcake, but her mom suggested that it was not so. I know what was going on, though. When you're caught up in the greenness, and the breeze, and the imaginings, it's understandable to forget the "tried it already" stuff.

p.s. Chelsea, if you want a copy of this photo, e-mail me. And here's a link to the P-Patch info:

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