Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday morning, pre-holiday...

Oh, the joy of having a day off! Of feeling like it is Saturday, and then remembering NO! It's only Friday! Of feeling the sun on the back of my neck; of tasting my first-ever blueberry from a bush instead of a carton; of chatting with fellow gardeners; of handing the water key around by its cold, wet string; of plotting about fall plantings; of scheming about summer happy hour visits across the street.

Of receiving a gift of red romaine.

Of hearing Dick say, utterly guilelessly, that we could have no idea how happy he is to have found this garden and to have his little square of earthen bliss.

But we think we heard it in his voice and saw it in his smile.

We have an idea.


  1. This is the most perfect description of a the start of a 3 day weekend I've seen. Lovely.

    My niece & her friend were visiting me at Cascade People's Center last week. They were THRILLED to explore the P-Patch, especially enjoying the arty touches of pottery, stones, & wood.

    At 8 and 9, they fell in love with the idea of a community garden.

  2. Delighted that the youngsters enjoyed themselves!