Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursdays. Farmer's Market. On Pontius by our little P-Patch of Heaven!

Is there anything better than the first cherries of the season? This is the "Summit" variety. I brazenly walked up to the Tiny's Organics stand and asked for 2 pounds of the "Bing" variety (preferring them to "Rainier"--I know, I know, I'm Old School), and she gave me the patient look and wry and wistful half-smile of someone who would like, just once, to have a Cherry Connaisseur (Connaisseuse?) standing in front of her. They're lovely. Slightly thinner-skinned and sweeter than Bing, but not as delicate and ├╝ber-sweet (to my taste) as Rainier. I plan to eat them all, wantonly, in very few sittings.

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